Honey-Mustard Dressing with suggestions

A salad dressing that I simply love! 1 tsp Honey Mustard2 tbsp olive oil1 tbsp white wine vinegarsaltwhite pepperChilli FlakesHerbs Mix all together and dress the salad. In the picture are several ideas of salads I have done that were a huge success and compliment this dressing extremely well. Mango/Avocado/Cherry Tomatoes/MozzarellaLettuce/Cucumbers/Avocado/Smoked Salmon/Poached EggRed cabbage/Salad/Avocado/Cherry Tomatoes/Mozzarella … Continue reading Honey-Mustard Dressing with suggestions

Austrian cucumber salad

In the cucumber season, a cucumber salad is an absolute must. This recipe here is traditional in Austria, a light and refreshing side dish for almost every main course. I especially love this cucumber salad with breaded dishes such as the Viennese Schnitzel. Here are my Viennese Schnitzel served with typical Austrian side dishes, Austrian potato salad, tomato salad … Continue reading Austrian cucumber salad

Austrian tomato salad

A further recipe in the collection of Austrian recipes is the one for the Austrian tomato salad. It is refreshing and fruity at the same time and goes wonderfully with delicious Viennese Schnitzel, for example, but also BBQ and many other dishes. For 4 12 tomatoes2 small red onions or shallots12 tbsp olive oil8 tbsp balsamic or balsamic cream1 pinch … Continue reading Austrian tomato salad

Austrian Potato Salad without Mayo

Austrian potato salad is lighter than most versions because instead of using mayo it uses a base of vinegar and broth. We Austrians love having this gorgeous salad with a Viennese Schnitzel or with sausages for example. It is also délicious with a BBQ. Recipe Austrian Potato Salad 600 g waxy potatoes1 big onion3 tbsp white wine … Continue reading Austrian Potato Salad without Mayo

Meatlovers salad

Here's a little low-carb recipe that my family loved. I hope you like it too! Ingredients for 4 portions 2 eggszest from a lemonsalt, pepper1 bay leafsome peppercorns2 chicken breast fillets6 slices of bacon3 tomatoes2 avocados5 tbsp of olive oil1.5 tbsp red wine vinegar2 tsp honey1 large or 2 small heads of lettuce of your … Continue reading Meatlovers salad

Parisian salad with asparagus

Another little salad from my repertoire! I love it, it's so fresh, light and elegant ! Serves 4 1 head butter lettuce 1/2 head red leaf lettuce250 g fresh or frozen asparagus Prepare the salad. Wash lettuce, dry thoroughly, and break into bite-size pieces, discarding heavy center stalk. When the asparagus is not too fresh … Continue reading Parisian salad with asparagus

Vegan Buddha Bowl

Another recipe that I loved when I was a student was the Energy Salad with its light dressing by Harvey Diamond. As mentioned in the recipe of the garlic green beans, I was really a huge fan. Well this actually this salad succeeded even to make a salad eater out of my husband when we … Continue reading Vegan Buddha Bowl

Warm seasonal vegetable salad

One of my favorite salads! For a balanced lunch, I find this salad ideal, especially since it is also really good. Perfect to pamper yourself or to enjoy with friends! 2 - 3 people 1 carrot1 red onion1 small sweet potato1 clove of garlic3 tablespoons of olive oilSalt pepper1/2 tsp each of dried rosemary and … Continue reading Warm seasonal vegetable salad

Vegetarian Cesar Salad

Last year I discorvered one of the best recipes of Cesar Salad I have ever tasted on the French Cooking Site Marmiton. I have made it quite regulary since, especially for picnics or summer lunches! Ingredients for 4 people 2 romaine lettuce hearts25 g of chopped parmesan4 slices of bread2 tbsp of neutral oilFor the … Continue reading Vegetarian Cesar Salad