Tomato Tartar and Goats Cheese in Shotglasses

I love having dinner parties with our friends and family! Normally we serve either fish or meat but I really love my vegetables. I find that there are never enough. That is why I always give lots of vegetables or vegetable based appetisers before dinner starts as it is healthy and doesn’t fill you up … Continue reading Tomato Tartar and Goats Cheese in Shotglasses

Express Houmous / Hummus Trio (Traditional & Thermomix)

In our immediate environment it is a well known fact that I really love what the French call apéro and often replace a starter with a great set of appetizers. There is a whole category for appetisers, quick appetisers and food out of shotglasses on the blog. Served here with the delicious homemade breadsticks 😍. … Continue reading Express Houmous / Hummus Trio (Traditional & Thermomix)

Scallop tartar Croustades

And one more appetizer that I am going to prepare for Christmas and that I have already tested on several occasions, the last one having been with a couple of girlfriends, the scallop tartar croustades. Extremely simple to prepare and delicious to eat! For around 14 pieces 7 raw scallops without coral1 avocado 1 lemonolive … Continue reading Scallop tartar Croustades

Salmon – herbed goats cheese Croustades

Écrit en FRANÇAIS - underneath in ENGLISH - darunter auf DEUTSCH For a surprise birthday party for my husband last year I made 5 appetizers that the guests loved. I've already shared 3 recipes, foie gras gingerbread, quails egg croustade and mushroom cups. Just in time for the end of year celebrations another one of … Continue reading Salmon – herbed goats cheese Croustades

Olive Cake

I love savoury cakes as appetisers or for picnics. They are extremely tasty and moist and will go with any wine, champagne or drinks. This is one recipe I have been making for years and it always disappears as soon as it reaches the table. For 6 - 8 people 200 g flour75 g grilled … Continue reading Olive Cake

Tomato-Brioche Sandwiches

My brother-in-laws godmother gave me the recipe for these delicious little sandwiches. Apparently a French pastry shop used to do them and as they have closed down many years ago, people have come up with versions of the original recipe. This is one that I love! It uses a delicious french mustard that Coleman developed … Continue reading Tomato-Brioche Sandwiches

Spanish Red Pepper Dip

This is the Dip that one of my aunts, who has grown up in Spain, made for a family gathering when I was a Teenager. I found it so incredibly delicious that I wrote down the recipe and countless years later I still make it regularly. 1 red pepper225 g Philadelphia2 tbsp cream2 tbsp parmesan1/2 … Continue reading Spanish Red Pepper Dip

Gazpacho – Gaspacho

True bliss in hot summer weather !!! A traditional spanish cold vegetable soup, no cooking involved and done in a couple of minutes! Ingredients 3 slices of white bread, cut into big chunks1 kg ripe tomatoes, washed and diced 1 cucumber, peeled and diced1 green pepper, washed and diced1 small onion, peeled and diced2-3 garlic … Continue reading Gazpacho – Gaspacho

Pistachio – Feta Dip (Traditional & Thermomix)

One of my wonderful godmothers, who shares my love for cooking and who - together with my parents - thaught me how to prepare good and healthy meals, presented me with a cookbook recently that I like a lot. A couple of the recipes I knew before as they are traditional oriental recipes but two … Continue reading Pistachio – Feta Dip (Traditional & Thermomix)