Hayats’ Moroccan chicken Briwat / Briouat (baked or fried) with step by step instructions

About 5 years ago we had a lovely Moroccan lady staying with us to help during the summer holidays! I can tell you what a treat!!! During my childhood in Austria I got to know the various cooking styles of the countries that made up the former Austrian empire, but unlike my husbands french family, … Continue reading Hayats’ Moroccan chicken Briwat / Briouat (baked or fried) with step by step instructions

Cucumber Rolls (traditional & Thermomix)

I love appetizers - especially easy ones with lots of vegetables. It's fresh and light and a perfect introduction to the dinner that follows! So the cucumber rolls are a perfect fit. If you are looking for more ideas for party food, you might want to check out my book "Party Bites" which contains lots … Continue reading Cucumber Rolls (traditional & Thermomix)

Ajvar – a roasted red pepper spread from the Balkans

Ajvar is something delicious. A Serbian vegetable paste that can be used in many ways. As a dip, as a spread, or with meat or fish. I have known this vegetable paste for a long time, because my father always has a small pot in the fridge and prepares some of his favourite dishes with … Continue reading Ajvar – a roasted red pepper spread from the Balkans

Boozy Rum Crescents (sweet party bites)

I'm sharing a recipe with you that I got from a very talented hobby baker in my home village in Austria. It was this woman who inspired me to bake thanks to her great cakes and cookies and it is thanks to this inspiration that my first cookbook took shape. The boozy rum crescents are … Continue reading Boozy Rum Crescents (sweet party bites)

Simple eggfree Strawberry Mousse (fresh or frozen strawberries)

I love Mousse, all kinds of them. After a meal or for an afternoon treat I think it’s a real pleasure to have a spoonful of this beautiful texture melt in your mouth. These beautiful pots come from here! One mousse that never survives more than 12 hours in our fridge is my strawberry mousse. … Continue reading Simple eggfree Strawberry Mousse (fresh or frozen strawberries)

Lemon Mousse

Here is the recipe with which my collection started when I was 12 years old. I will not go into detail how many years ago that was! I had spent 2 weeks at my godmother’s house and one day the cook had prepared a Lemon Mousse that was just to die for. You’ll laugh but … Continue reading Lemon Mousse

Appetiser Croustades Duo

Perfect for the coming festive season, with its parties and dinners the Croustades are delicious and easy-to-make hot bites. Quail Egg Crustades are prepared entirely at the last minute but are so quick to make that your guests will not even have the time to realize your absence. Follow me on Instagram @auxdelicesdecaroline (click) and Facebook … Continue reading Appetiser Croustades Duo

Mushroom Croustades

Whenever we have a dinner party at our house, I enjoy making a variety of appetisers. I love olives and cocktail tomatoes as well as slices of cheese and sausage, but I really delight in preparing little bites to enjoy before dinner. If we are having raclette or fondue I prefer having a big starter platter … Continue reading Mushroom Croustades