The best Wild Garlic Soup! (Traditional & Thermomix Version)

It is almost the end of the wild garlic season! Those lucky enough to live in the countryside can still enjoy the walks through the woods looking at these marvelous plants growing as far as the eye can see. There is a very light garlicky smell in the air, but not to worry, this garlic … Continue reading The best Wild Garlic Soup! (Traditional & Thermomix Version)

Wild garlic risotto – (Traditional & Thermomix)

It’s wild garlic season, so I’m taking this opportunity to share with you a recipe that is to die for. Wild garlic has been widely used in Europe and Asia. You can eat the leaves as a vegetable or condiment. Their flavor is delicate. It is a very ancient medicinal plant known to the Celts … Continue reading Wild garlic risotto – (Traditional & Thermomix)

Flavored butters

The BBQ season begins with the coming sun and rising temperatures. I already posted several recipes last year, but I have missed a big chapter in the BBQ category. Flavored butter is the quickest way to spice up simple grilled meat, fish and even vegetables. With herbs, mustard, vegetables or any other ingredient it is … Continue reading Flavored butters

Arancini – Streetfood from Sicily (Traditional & Thermomix)

Very, very seldom it happens that we don’t finish the Risotto I prepare. This is never a problem for us as there is a delicious leftover recipe which we love! Sicilian Arancini, named for the oranges that grow on this wonderful island, are little rice balls made from Risotto, breaded and then deep fried. They … Continue reading Arancini – Streetfood from Sicily (Traditional & Thermomix)

Cod in Lemon sauce

To feed your family healthily ideally you give them fish to eat every now and then! At least this is what I try to do twice a week. Now as I am not a fish eater myself I tend to rely on the opinion of my family to know if a certain recipe is a … Continue reading Cod in Lemon sauce

Raclette – Dinner Party transported from London to Brussels

Despite the fact that we live in England, we keep very close friends in the countries where we lived and especially in the countries where we have our families. That’s why we like to have regular dinner parties in these countries during our visits. In Belgium we are very lucky because often we have lovely … Continue reading Raclette – Dinner Party transported from London to Brussels


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