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Elderflower Syrup

Here is the recipe for my great aunt’s elderberry syrup. Perfect to use in the elderflower cream cake posted yesterday! Follow me on Instagram @auxdelicesdecaroline (click) and Facebook (click) Split open 1 vanilla pod and scrape out the pulp. Bring both to the boil with 500 ml apple juice, 1 l water and 1.5 kg sugar. Simmer gently over … Continue reading Elderflower Syrup

Carrot Salad

Whenever we are in France, especially during the summer months, we love buying a delicious carrot salad in the supermarket. Ever since, I have been trying to replicate the recipe so as to do it myself and enjoy it year round with my family at home. This is the result we like best! It goes … Continue reading Carrot Salad


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