Pasta alla Amatriciana – cherry tomatoes, pancetta and white wine

I enjoy making Pasta every now and then. They are so incredibly versatile and almost everybody enjoys them tremendously. I have seen peoples eyes light up when confronted with a bowl of well made Pasta. Pasta Bolognaise and Carbonara are delicious but they have become less exciting as they are eaten on an everyday staple. … Continue reading Pasta alla Amatriciana – cherry tomatoes, pancetta and white wine

Caro’s Bruschetta

One of my extended familys favourite starters are my Bruschetta! There are many ways to make these delicious Italian antipasti, but after having tried many ways of preparing Bruschette, I find that this one is my personal favourite. It's very easily done, can be prepared partly in advance, but has to be assembled at the last … Continue reading Caro’s Bruschetta

Tomato Tarte

As soon as the summer starts the tomatoes are at their best! This is the time to make this gorgeous Tomato Tarte! Red ones or heritage tomatoes, your choice! My vegetable slicer that I recommend 100 % can be found on Very well known in France and much less in the rest of the … Continue reading Tomato Tarte

BBQ – Stuffed Tomato Parcels

It's time for BBQs!!!! Finally the sun is arriving, warm weather, gardens in bloom, people being happy thanks to these rays of sunlight shining on them.There are a couple of side dishes for BBQs that I enjoy hugely! Especially these Stuffed Tomato Parcels! 1 tbsp olive oil2 tbsp of sunflower seeds1 chopped onion1 chopped garlic … Continue reading BBQ – Stuffed Tomato Parcels