Quick chocolate dessert cream (traditional & Thermomix) *

Another dessert cream that I like to prepare for my men is this gorgeous chocolate cream. My lovely little pots come from here. This is also a recipe that does not only use the egg yolks, but only one single whole egg. There is also no additional cooking in the oven required. It is one … Continue reading Quick chocolate dessert cream (traditional & Thermomix) *

Moist Chocolate Cake – Moelleux au Chocolat

A recipe that in Belgium every chocolate lover knows by heart is the one for the famous "Moelleux au Chocolat" from the cookbook "La cuisine à quatre mains". Even my husband who usually leaves patisserie to me, knows this one by heart and makes it on his own if the mood strikes! Ironically the same … Continue reading Moist Chocolate Cake – Moelleux au Chocolat

Chocolate Ice-Cream

An intensely chocolatey Ice-Cream that I love to make! Delicious and decadent! 3 eggyolks400 ml whipping cream200 ml milk60 g sugarvanilla150 g chocolate 72% (130 g melted, 20 g chopped) Put the milk into a pan and heat it. Mix the eggyolks with the sugar and the vanilla in a bowl and pour the hot … Continue reading Chocolate Ice-Cream

Raspberry Chocolatemousse Cakes

I love serving these little cakes at dinner parties or for a posh afternoon tea! Very easy to make and such an elegant look! The association of velvety chocolate and tart raspberries is just heavenly. Tip for Easter place a couple of chocolate or sugar eggs on top instead of the raspberries to make an … Continue reading Raspberry Chocolatemousse Cakes

Austrian Steamed Chocolate Cake

Today I am going to share with you the recipe for ‘Mohr im Hemd’ which is an Austrian dessert and my personal all-time favourite! It consists of chocolate, walnuts, and other ingredients and is cooked in water similar to the English Christmas pudding. In Austria this dessert can be savoured in restaurants and coffee houses … Continue reading Austrian Steamed Chocolate Cake