6 Vegetable Vegetarian Bolognese (traditionelle & Thermomix)

Sometimes the only way the kids - and some adults - will eat vegetables is by sneaking it past them. This pasta sauce has proved to be a life saver especially with our youngest who is blocking vegetables at the moment. The bonus is that it is delicious for the entire family and it's freezeable! … Continue reading 6 Vegetable Vegetarian Bolognese (traditionelle & Thermomix)

Vegetarian Moussaka

For years this has been one of my all time favourite dishes! It is a really flavourful main-course dish. Either to be served with warm fresh bread as a hearty satisfying dish or with a green salad for a touch of freshness. Recipe Vegetarian Moussaka Serves 6 500 g eggplant, sliced1 can of green lentils3 … Continue reading Vegetarian Moussaka

10 Vegetable Lasagna

It is again Monday and for all those following the Meatfree Monday movement here is an excellent lasagne which my friends and family enjoy massively. It takes some time to prepare but it's definitely worth the effort! Recipe 10 Vegetable Lasagna 3 tbsp olive oil1 clove garlic, minced2 tsp minced ginger1 medium carrot, peeled and … Continue reading 10 Vegetable Lasagna

Grilled Root Vegetables with herb sauce

It is again Meatless Monday and many people who are trying to cut down their meat and fish intake are struggling to find recipes that inspire them. Trying to eat seasonal is also difficult as almost anything is available in our supermarkets. Root vegetables are very much in season this month and they can taste … Continue reading Grilled Root Vegetables with herb sauce

Linguine with Pinenut and Tomato Sauce

For all those who are trying to plan ahead here another vegetarian dish for vegetarian Mondays.One of my favourite vegetarian pasta dishes consists of pine nuts, garlic, fresh herbs and tomatoes. It is truly a pleasure to eat and ready within 20 minutes. An ideal summer lunch with the girlfriends as well as during winter. … Continue reading Linguine with Pinenut and Tomato Sauce