Cesar Salad Wrap (traditional & Thermomix)

For all fans of the delicious Cesar Salad, and most especially for the ones who love the vegetarian Cesar salad that I have on my blog, try these wraps! They are INCREDIBLE!!! Perfect for a picnic or for a quick lunch / dinner, or even for the office. The divine sauce, crunchy croûtons, fresh tomato … Continue reading Cesar Salad Wrap (traditional & Thermomix)

Hayats’ Moroccan chicken Briwat / Briouat (baked or fried) with step by step instructions

About 5 years ago we had a lovely Moroccan lady staying with us to help during the summer holidays! I can tell you what a treat!!! During my childhood in Austria I got to know the various cooking styles of the countries that made up the former Austrian empire, but unlike my husbands french family, … Continue reading Hayats’ Moroccan chicken Briwat / Briouat (baked or fried) with step by step instructions

Light Chicken Sandwich Filler

From time to time we have leftovers from our Sunday roast chicken. That is no drama at all, rather the opposite! Perfect for the lunch box! One way to use them is my meat lover's salad, but another option is to make a lighter chicken salad to fill the sandwiches for our children's lunch boxes. … Continue reading Light Chicken Sandwich Filler

Cherry Tomato & Garlic Chicken

A great inspiration in cooking for me during my formative years was also my confirmation godmother. During my stay with her family during my vacations she always showed me tricks on how to cook simple and tasty food, taking care to use very good ingredients! Being at her place for the moment I am very … Continue reading Cherry Tomato & Garlic Chicken

Chicken Meatballs

I am not a fan of red meat, unlike the 4 men in my household, so the traditional meatballs are not something I myself eat, but these gorgeous little Chicken Meatballs are absolutely delicious!! Even I can't resist these, especially not in combination with the Simple Red Sauce. They are moist and full of flavour! … Continue reading Chicken Meatballs

Olivieh Salat – russian potato salad

This salad is an iranien version of the Russian Olivier salad that was created in the late 19th century by a Belgian Chef who worked at the famous Hermitage Restaurant in Moscow. I made it recently for a Buffet Party and it was delicious!! It is perfect for picnics, BBQs, Lunchboxes and similar! For 10 … Continue reading Olivieh Salat – russian potato salad

Marinated Roast Chicken

A very short and very, very simple recipe for a very delicious chicken marinade. Here I have used it on drumsticks but you can just as well use it for other parts or even the entire chicken. big ziplock bag10 drumsticks2 tbsp paprika (the spice)2 tbsp curry powder1 cup of olive oillemon juice of 1 … Continue reading Marinated Roast Chicken

Simple Chicken supreme with Terragon Sauce and its elegant variation

Terragon is one of my favourite herbs and in this chicken dish it is perfect! Super super easy to make and works just as well as a mid week meal as for a dinner party with friends and family! I love serving potatoes with this, either roasted garlic mashed potatoes or crushed potatoes with sour … Continue reading Simple Chicken supreme with Terragon Sauce and its elegant variation

Potato – Chicken Casserole

A very simple midweek meal is this Potato-Chicken Casserole. As the title says it contains potatoes and chicken but also leeks and garlic and makes a complete meal. I like to prepare it in advance up to the point where it needs to go into the oven. In the meantime, I keep it in the … Continue reading Potato – Chicken Casserole