Baba Ghanoush – Aubergine Caviar (traditional version & Thermomix)

A delicious alternative to Houmous, the Baba Ghanoush, or eggplant caviar as it is often called, requires grilled roasted aubergine rather than chickpeas. The Baba Ghanoush is delicious for example in my Italian Quiche. This Eastern Mediterranean dip is delicious with pita and raw vegetables. As its main ingredient are eggplants, it contains vitamins B … Continue reading Baba Ghanoush – Aubergine Caviar (traditional version & Thermomix)

Olive Cake

I love savoury cakes as appetisers or for picnics. They are extremely tasty and moist and will go with any wine, champagne or drinks. This is one recipe I have been making for years and it always disappears as soon as it reaches the table. Suivez moi sur Instagram @auxdelicesdecaroline (clique) and Facebook (clique) For … Continue reading Olive Cake

Spanish Red Pepper Dip

This is the Dip that one of my aunts, who has grown up in Spain, made for a family gathering when I was a Teenager. I found it so incredibly delicious that I wrote down the recipe and countless years later I still make it regularly. Follow me on Instagram @auxdelicesdecaroline (click) and Facebook (click) … Continue reading Spanish Red Pepper Dip

Pistachio – Feta Dip (Traditional & Thermomix)

One of my wonderful godmothers, who shares my love for cooking and who - together with my parents - thaught me how to prepare good and healthy meals, presented me with a cookbook recently that I like a lot. A couple of the recipes I knew before as they are traditional oriental recipes but two … Continue reading Pistachio – Feta Dip (Traditional & Thermomix)

Italian Triple Deckers – Tramezzini

I had the tremendous pleasure this morning to host one of my dearest friends who came to visit me and present me to her adopted daughter. It was such a sweet and touching moment. In order to do this great occasion justice I made a little snack just for us. We simply had Lemon Cupcakes … Continue reading Italian Triple Deckers – Tramezzini