Courgette Bake

In summer I often prepare different vegetable bakes to accompany our BBQ meals, but also as a main dish for me as a flexitarian. Here is a bake like we often eat at my mother-in-law's in the southwest. Delicious, light, full of flavor and easy to make and eat. Recipe Feel free to follow me … Continue reading Courgette Bake

Light and easy vegetable soup

In our family we love soups very much! We take it regularly, there is always a pot in the fridge! Even the children love it! I'm not talking about soups as meal replacement, but ultra light soups to take just as a starter. Here is my men's favorite recipe, available in several varieties! Creamy, light … Continue reading Light and easy vegetable soup

Spaghetti con Scampi e Zucchini

The perfect Istrian Pasta recipe with a sauce unlike many others. Light and fresh with only 3 main ingredients. This recipe, discovered at Harrys Bar, one of Venises' most famous restaurants, takes full advantage of seasonal lightly sweet courgettes, fresh pliable and soft scampi and the fruity, nutty taste of Parmesan Cheese. Like most of … Continue reading Spaghetti con Scampi e Zucchini

BBQ – Summer Vegetable Parcels

It's time for BBQs!!!! Finally the sun is arriving, warm weather, gardens in bloom, people being happy thanks to these rays of sunlight shining on them. There are a couple of side dishes for BBQs that I enjoy hugely! The Vegetable Parcels are always very popular! 1 kg mixed baby vegetables (carrots, squash, corn cobs, … Continue reading BBQ – Summer Vegetable Parcels

6 Vegetable Vegetarian Bolognese (traditionelle & Thermomix)

Sometimes the only way the kids - and some adults - will eat vegetables is by sneaking it past them. This pasta sauce has proved to be a life saver especially with our youngest who is blocking vegetables at the moment. The bonus is that it is delicious for the entire family and it's freezeable! … Continue reading 6 Vegetable Vegetarian Bolognese (traditionelle & Thermomix)

Zucchini – Potato Mash (traditional and Thermomix)

In my family we love our potatoes in all kind of variations.I don't know how many different ways we have to cook them but I do know that this potato mash has been a firm favourite in our house for years!It goes well with almost anything so just take your pick! Recipe Zucchini - Potato … Continue reading Zucchini – Potato Mash (traditional and Thermomix)

Chocolate Squares – courgette cake

One of the cakes that I ate a lot as a child in Austria was this one. I remember, with 2 of my sisters, having sneaked chocolate squares out of the freezer one day (we didn’t get sweets very often). My mother enquired the next day of us who had eaten the “courgette cake” as … Continue reading Chocolate Squares – courgette cake