Boozy Rum Crescents (sweet party bites)

I haven't posted any new recipes for a little while because I was very busy dividing my blog into languages ​​(French, English and German) that you can choose through the menu, and writing my first cookbook that is at the moment only available in German. BUT today I'm making up for it. I'm sharing … Continue reading Boozy Rum Crescents (sweet party bites)

Precise chocolate icing (Traditional & Thermomix)

One of my favorite chocolate glazes is this precise version, which envelops the cake smoothly and perfectly. I found this mould here. Ingredients 1 marble cake250 g milk chocolate or dark chocolate, but I admit that I prefer milk chocolate here as an exception25 g neutral oil I baked my marble cake in a silicone … Continue reading Precise chocolate icing (Traditional & Thermomix)

Blackforest Cake

The black forest has always been one of my favorite German cakes. The Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte as it is called in German is a perfect combination of fruity cherries, cherry brandy, chocolate cake, light whipped cream and dark chocolate shavings. Since I discovered this recipe from a great Austrian pastry chef, I love it even more! … Continue reading Blackforest Cake

Pavlova Christmas Wreath

Give your usual pavlova a perfect seasonal update by making a beautiful Christmas Wreath from it. I love to do my seasonal pavlova with the taste of chocolate, poached pears and caramelized walnuts. To make the wreath you will need to prepare a traditional white pavlova, as the chocolate one does not stand up as … Continue reading Pavlova Christmas Wreath

White Chocolate mousse with raspberry compote and cinnamon crunch

My sons love white chocolate. Therefore, a recipe specifically for them. Ideal for preparing the day before. A stress-free and elegant dessert! Perfect here for my Christmas lunch with good girlfriends! Recipe White Chocolate mousse with raspberry compote and cinnamon crunch For 4 people CHOCOLATE MOUSSE75 g white chocolate150 ml of cream1 eggZest of 1 … Continue reading White Chocolate mousse with raspberry compote and cinnamon crunch

Chocolate Mousse

I decided to share a recipe with you that is in my repertoire since I was a teenager. Despite the fact that I tested several other recipes for chocolate mousse since then with all kinds of ingredients and methods, for me this recipe is unmatched. The ingredients are simple and there are only 4. However, … Continue reading Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Pavlova with poached pears and walnut brittle

Who doesn't love a good Pavlova, with its special meringue with the crunchy outside and the soft center, topped by a light mound of whipping cream and with lots of fruit as its crowning glory. This Pavlova is my ultimate take on the autumn variety, as the berries that I use in my summer Pavlova … Continue reading Chocolate Pavlova with poached pears and walnut brittle