Simple rhubarb tart (Traditional version & Thermomix)

This recipe is for true rhubarb lovers! There is a very real danger of addiction! The slight acidity of the rhubarb against the caramelised crunch of the pie crust is simply mouth-watering! TO THE SHOP Recipe  Feel free to follow me on Instagram @auxdelicesdecaroline (click) or Facebook (click) Shortcrust pastry 250 g flour175 g butter5 g salt10 g sugar1 … Continue reading Simple rhubarb tart (Traditional version & Thermomix)

Blueberry Swiss Role

With a little more training of the jam Swiss Role there are a multitude of recipes that can made based on it. One very refreshing cake that I really like is the Blueberry Swiss Role. Very little sugar and fresh, I also love its beautiful colors. Make the Swiss Role according to the basic recipe. … Continue reading Blueberry Swiss Role

Jam roly poly/Swiss Roll

The jam roly poly is, after the moist chocolate cake, my husband's favorite cake. For me it reminds me of my childhood home, where a woman from our village in Austria prepared it once a week for us. My recipe is ultra simple, in fact it is one of the few recipes that I have … Continue reading Jam roly poly/Swiss Roll


In this difficult time, when governments around the world ask us to stay home to save lives and make fractionally easier the work of the medical staff that I admire, we are all looking for recipes that use few eggs , little flour, little butter etc. Please treat this more like a piece of chocolate … Continue reading Halva

Apple Meringue Pie with its strawberry rhubarbe variation

Always looking for ways to use egg whites, and big fan of all meringue pies, I love combining an apple pie (like the recently posted vegan and gluten-free apple crumble pie) with an Italian meringue topping. Apple Meringue Pie (rectangular mould 36 cm) If you choose another mould you might find the conversion table cake … Continue reading Apple Meringue Pie with its strawberry rhubarbe variation

French Three King’s Cake with almond cream filling

The Galette des Rois is a French cake that is shared on January 6 to celebrate the Epiphany. A galette des rois is a puff pastry cake that is often filled with frangipane (a filling made from almonds). A miniature porcelain figure or a bean, called "fève", is then hidden in it. Anyone who finds … Continue reading French Three King’s Cake with almond cream filling

Rhum – Coconut bites

The Austrians have a luscious treat that consists of two ingredients that go great together. This is chocolate that envelops a liquid core of Caribbean rum, which is then wrapped in a layer of finely grated coconut. Obviously, for Christmas, the Australian cake, the Lamington, has a crazy success with its squares of chocolate cake … Continue reading Rhum – Coconut bites