Nürnberger Elisen Lebkuchen – soft german gingerbread

The Elisen Lebkuchen of Nuremberg are my great Christmas favourites! I love them to the point that a couple of years ago, when in England we did not yet find almost all European products, I asked my family to send them by post! The difference between the Lebkuchen and the Elisen Lebkuchen is that Elisen … Continue reading Nürnberger Elisen Lebkuchen – soft german gingerbread

Vanillekipferl – Austrian vanilla crescent cookies

Vanillekipferl, or vanilla crescents, are very delicate buttery, crispy and nutty biscuits, traditionally served during the Christmas season in Austria. These cookies look great on a plate and are sure to seduce your guests. The crescent-shaped cookies come from Vienna, Austria, where they are a popular traditional Christmas cookie. Legend has it that their shape … Continue reading Vanillekipferl – Austrian vanilla crescent cookies

Lebkuchen as tree decoration or for making gingerbread houses

Lebkuchen is a traditional German gingerbread. According to Wikipedia, Lebkuchen was invented by monks in Franconia in the 13th century. In the 14th century in Nuremberg and Ulm bakers already produced this type of pastry. Oh this smell of Lebkuchen mixed with the fresh pine  In the olden days Lebkuchen was used among other things … Continue reading Lebkuchen as tree decoration or for making gingerbread houses

Austrian Linzer Auger or Linzer eyes

The Linzer Augen, or the ‘eyes of Linz’, are an essential part of the traditional Austrian Christmas pastry! Cookies that melt on your tongue and contain this little fruity touch that make their popularity! The Austrian pastry is very dainty and elegant . Therefore the secret of these cookies is to make them small and … Continue reading Austrian Linzer Auger or Linzer eyes

Butter Cookies

Just a very simple recipe today but it is a favourite with my boys! The buttercookies are very simple to make and are perfect to entertain little ones, before and after! Recipe butter cookies 100 g sugar200 g butter300 g flour1 eggorange zest (optional)1 egg for brushing on the cookies before placing them into the oven Mix all the … Continue reading Butter Cookies

Kokoskuppel – Austrian coconut dômes

A great Austrian delicacy, halfway between refined mignardise and Christmas biscuit. Everyone knows and loves the coconut domes - from toddlers to grandparents. After all, this delicacy has a century-old tradition dating back to 1921 when it was invented by an Austrian pastry chef close to Vienna. It is mouth watering thinking of the dome … Continue reading Kokoskuppel – Austrian coconut dômes


Being a huge admirer of the great chef Philippe Conticini, I have let myself be inspired by his exquisite Madeleine recipe following at the same time his advice to try different versions and be creative. I think by now everybody who follows me has guessed my love for citrus hints in my baking. Be it … Continue reading Madeleines