Pistachio – Feta Dip (Traditional & Thermomix)

One of my wonderful godmothers, who shares my love for cooking and who - together with my parents - thaught me how to prepare good and healthy meals, presented me with a cookbook recently that I like a lot. A couple of the recipes I knew before as they are traditional oriental recipes but two … Continue reading Pistachio – Feta Dip (Traditional & Thermomix)

Sauce Béarnaise (Traditional & Thermomix)

I simply love Béarnaise Sauce when grilling meat or fish or even with a Hamburger or fries and even asparagus. It's simply delicious! Traditional Version 150 g butter 3 egg yolks 3 shallots, peeled and minced 1/2 glass of vinegar 2 tbsp of minced Tarragon 3 tbsp of dry white wine Splash of lemon juice … Continue reading Sauce Béarnaise (Traditional & Thermomix)

Sauce Hollandaise (Thermomix)

I love spring and always await eagerly the asparagus season. Unfortunately in the UK it is hard to come by white asparagus but the green one is just as good. But I love a good Sauce Hollandaise with it and therefore I have tried a couple of recipes. I have made some tweaks and am … Continue reading Sauce Hollandaise (Thermomix)

Tuscan Almond Pesto (Traditional & Thermomix)

At a party a couple of months ago I have been made to try a delicious spread made in the Thermomix. It was so good I asked for the recipe, which is by Tenina Holder, I just modified it ever so slightly. Now it is obviously made for the Thermomix, but honestly can be made … Continue reading Tuscan Almond Pesto (Traditional & Thermomix)

Sauce Bordelaise – French Red Wine Sauce

The favourite sauce to go with our Roast Beef is the Sauce Bordelaise. The Sauce Bordelaise is a classic French sauce, named for the French region of Bordeaux which is famous for its wine. Recipe Sauce Bordelaise 3 shallots50 g butter1 bouquet garni (can be bought in the dried herb section of the supermarket)200 ml … Continue reading Sauce Bordelaise – French Red Wine Sauce