Express Houmous / Hummus Trio (Traditional & Thermomix)

In our immediate environment it is a well known fact that I really love what the French call apéro and often replace a starter with a great set of appetizers. There is a whole category for appetisers, quick appetisers and food out of shotglasses on the blog. Served here with the delicious homemade breadsticks 😍. … Continue reading Express Houmous / Hummus Trio (Traditional & Thermomix)

Baba Ghanoush – Aubergine Caviar

A delicious alternative to Houmous, the Baba Ghanoush, or eggplant caviar as it is often called, requires grilled roasted aubergine rather than chickpeas. The Baba Ghanoush is delicious for example in my Italian Quiche. This Eastern Mediterranean dip is delicious with pita and raw vegetables. As its main ingredient are eggplants, it contains vitamins B … Continue reading Baba Ghanoush – Aubergine Caviar

Flavored butters

The BBQ season begins with the coming sun and rising temperatures. I already posted several recipes last year, but I have missed a big chapter in the BBQ category. Flavored butter is the quickest way to spice up simple grilled meat, fish and even vegetables. With herbs, mustard, vegetables or any other ingredient it is … Continue reading Flavored butters

Obatzda – Bavarian Oktoberfest / Beergarden dip

Obatzda is a Bavarian beer cheese dip which is traditionally served with beer and other alcoholic beverages in beergardens and at the Oktoberfest in Munich. Ideal snack to have if you enjoy a drink but don't want to get plastered 😂 It uses Camembert, spices and onions in one smooth dip, served with pretzels 'Bretzeln' … Continue reading Obatzda – Bavarian Oktoberfest / Beergarden dip

Spanish Red Pepper Dip

This is the Dip that one of my aunts, who has grown up in Spain, made for a family gathering when I was a Teenager. I found it so incredibly delicious that I wrote down the recipe and countless years later I still make it regularly. 1 red pepper225 g Philadelphia2 tbsp cream2 tbsp parmesan1/2 … Continue reading Spanish Red Pepper Dip