Sweet pastry – the easiest way to blindbake these little beauties (traditional & Thermomix)

This is the best pastry to use for sweet desserts like pies, tarts, tortes and tartlets etc Perfect pastry shells for example for these beautiful mini Lemon Meringue Pies You can find my books that have so far been published here : Recipe Feel free to follow me on Instagram @auxdelicesdecaroline (click) and Facebook (click) … Continue reading Sweet pastry – the easiest way to blindbake these little beauties (traditional & Thermomix)

English Lemon Curd (traditional method and Thermomix)

One of the staples I always have in my fridge: English Lemon Curd. This is a smooth and silky cream with a tart flavor that makes your tastebuds zing! Living in the UK this is an item that you can find in almost every store but frankly, homemade is best! It's quick and easily done … Continue reading English Lemon Curd (traditional method and Thermomix)

Royal Icing

Royal icing is a hard white icing, made from softly beaten egg whites, icing sugar (powdered sugar), and sometimes lemon or lime juice. It is used to decorate Christmas cakes, wedding cakes, gingerbread houses, cookies and many other cakes and biscuits. Mix 1 egg white, 150 g finely sifted icing sugar, 15 g Maizena and a little lemon juice. Here is how to … Continue reading Royal Icing

Hazelnut, almond, etc nougatine

Nougatine has a simply wonderful taste and gives pastries, ice cream, etc. a strong nutty taste. You can of course also use the same procedure for walnuts, almonds, pecans, pistachios, cashews, etc. You must first peel the almonds and then toast them. Walnuts, pecans, pistachios and cashews are only toasted. You can of course vary … Continue reading Hazelnut, almond, etc nougatine

Precise chocolate icing (Traditional & Thermomix)

One of my favorite chocolate glazes is this precise version, which envelops the cake smoothly and perfectly. I found this mould here. Ingredients 1 marble cake250 g milk chocolate or dark chocolate, but I admit that I prefer milk chocolate here as an exception25 g neutral oil I baked my marble cake in a silicone … Continue reading Precise chocolate icing (Traditional & Thermomix)

Simple Whipped Dark Chocolate Ganache

A perfect base cream for cakes, cupcakes and other desserts is the whipped dark ganache. I have a pretty simple version, that is absolutely delicious! Here I used it for Halloween cupcakes made from zucchini cake perfect for autumn with its flavors of hazelnuts, cinnamon, and currant jam that I used in cupcakes to give … Continue reading Simple Whipped Dark Chocolate Ganache

Italian meringue (traditional & Thermomix)

Italian meringue is a very shiny and compact meringue, prepared from egg whites mixed with a cooked syrup. It is used in patisserie to make macaroons, to cover meringue tarts, or to coat Norwegian omelettes. Personally I really like Italian Meringue. The advantage of this one is that it keeps very well in the refrigerator, … Continue reading Italian meringue (traditional & Thermomix)