International pancake day is approaching fast. In many countries it is celebrated on Shrove Tuesday. Pancakes are associated with the day preceding Lent, because they are a way to use up rich foods such as eggs, milk, and sugar, before the fasting season of the 40 days of Lent. I have a couple of suggestions for … Continue reading Pancake day recipes – MARILLENPALATSCHINKEN

Spinach Pancake Torte

A recipe that my grandmother always used to make for me and that I still love to prepare for my family is the Spinach Pancake Torte. Extremely easy to prepare and a stunning centerpiece for your table! More pancake recipes here. My Cookbook: Dinner is ready! If you are always looking for tasty, simple and … Continue reading Spinach Pancake Torte

Austrian Frittatensuppe – Vegetable Bouillon with sliced pancakes

One very well known Austrian soup is the Frittatensuppe made from plain pancakes, tightly rolled up and sliced into coils served in a bowl of clear soup or beef broth. So if ever by miracle you find yourself with leftover pancakes, don't hesitate to give this delicious soup a try Here the recipe for a … Continue reading Austrian Frittatensuppe – Vegetable Bouillon with sliced pancakes

Crepes Suzette – French orange flavoured pancakes flambéed in alcohol

This is a divine dessert mixing the rich flavours of oranges, butter, Grand Marnier with a flambéed crepe. You can prepare the orange butter in advance and keep in the freezer until necessary. The crepes can be prepared before the arrival of your guests and be kept on its serving plate under an aluminium foil … Continue reading Crepes Suzette – French orange flavoured pancakes flambéed in alcohol

Savoury Crêpe Torte

Tomorrow the French celebrate la chandleur which has a Christian background, but which is also well known for the fact that the 2nd of February is their own pancake day! Everybody makes crepes on that day so here is a way to use crepe as a main meal. I take the basic idea of a … Continue reading Savoury Crêpe Torte

Sweet Cheese Crêpes

One of the very traditional Austrian desserts is the “Topfenpalatschinken”. This is an association of thin crepes, curd cheese, lemon zest and vanilla, the whole baked in the oven and dusted with icing sugar and served warm. It is one of my favourite ways to eat crepes and – though in taste very similar to … Continue reading Sweet Cheese Crêpes

Austrian cut up pancakes (Traditional & Thermomix)

I have spent the most wonderful time with my family in Salzburg, Austria and have come back inspired! With news from my beautiful country being in the deepest throws of winter with meters and meters of snow (which I can assure you they know how to handle) I had the urge to treat my family … Continue reading Austrian cut up pancakes (Traditional & Thermomix)