Iced Strawberry Parfait with crunchy chocolate

A perfect dessert for hot days, easy to make, preparable in advance and without preparation on the day is this strawberry parfait (also available in other fruits) on the basis of this gorgeous Strawberry Mousse. More ice-cream and sorbet recipes here. For 8 - 10 (doable in any tin of 1.3 l) For the crisp200 … Continue reading Iced Strawberry Parfait with crunchy chocolate


A super healthy - and completely easy to make - treat , which pleases young and old. The glasses come from here but at the moment they have no more stock. I make a smoothie almost every day for my family, or my boys make it themselves. Perfect in the morning or for afternoon snack! … Continue reading Smoothie

Chocolate Ice-Cream

An intensely chocolatey Ice-Cream that I love to make! Delicious and decadent! 3 eggyolks400 ml whipping cream200 ml milk60 g sugarvanilla150 g chocolate 72% (130 g melted, 20 g chopped) Put the milk into a pan and heat it. Mix the eggyolks with the sugar and the vanilla in a bowl and pour the hot … Continue reading Chocolate Ice-Cream

Frozen Yogurt – Thermomix

Request for frozen yogurt from my boys in a shop but I found it very expensive and laced with additives. I found the right recipe in a cooking magazine and it is perfect. You can do this with whatever fruit you want, I have done raspberry, strawberry and abricots so far - d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!!! The recipe … Continue reading Frozen Yogurt – Thermomix

Watermelon Popsicle

An amusing and refreshing Ice Cream to make and share! 1 kg watermelon50 g chocolate drops150 g yoghurtzest and and juice of 1/2 lemon2 tbsp. of sugar2 kiwi Peel the watermelon and chop it into rough pieces. Mix it in a blender and add the chocolate drops. Fill into ice-cream moulds sot that they are … Continue reading Watermelon Popsicle

Sorbet Thermomix

I just made this sorbet for my boys and it was a huge success!! So I juste wrote it down for you as I am still hoping that we will have a hot summer 😂. Recipe Follow me on Instagram @auxdelicesdecaroline (click) and Facebook (click) If you want you can simply adjust the quantity or completely leave out the … Continue reading Sorbet Thermomix

Strawberry – Banana Icecream

Just very quickly an ice cream recipe for these gorgeous sunny days to come. It is very low in sugar and relies almost exclusively on the sweetness in the strawberries and the banana. 250 g strawberries200 ml whipping cream40 g sugar1 banana, cut into very small pieces400 g thick yoghurt Puree the strawberries in a … Continue reading Strawberry – Banana Icecream