Meringue Nest with Lemon Curd and Berries

I know, I know, again this Lemon Curd .... but I promise you will love this recipe!!! When I made it for friends, they were exstatic! I was told that the meringue itself was to die for! Just a little bit crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside without it being the same … Continue reading Meringue Nest with Lemon Curd and Berries

Windringerl – Austrian Meringue Christmas tree decoration

Hardly any other symbol is associated with Christmas today as much as the festively decorated and enlightened Christmas tree. The first Christmas trees are laid for the 16th century as part of the guild traditions of the guilds. Following the example of the tree of paradise, these trees were decorated with apples and sweets and … Continue reading Windringerl – Austrian Meringue Christmas tree decoration

Hazelnut nougatine meringue cake

I'm always looking for recipes using egg whites. In all the pastry that I make regularly I use a lot of yolks and much less whites. So I have whole bags of frozen egg whites in my freezer, which must be used at all costs. This delicious cake, that is utterly gluten free to boot, … Continue reading Hazelnut nougatine meringue cake

Apple Meringue Pie with its strawberry rhubarbe variation

Always looking for ways to use egg whites, and big fan of all meringue pies, I love combining an apple pie (like the recently posted vegan and gluten-free apple crumble pie) with an Italian meringue topping. Apple Meringue Pie (rectangular mould 36 cm) If you choose another mould you might find the conversion table cake … Continue reading Apple Meringue Pie with its strawberry rhubarbe variation

Austrian souffle

All of you, who read me regularly, know that my heart not only belongs to my family, but that it belongs to Austria just as much and that I love Salzburg and the mountains around it! This dessert is therefore for me the perfect emblem of Austrian cuisine, simple, refined and truly gourmet. A true … Continue reading Austrian souffle

Pavlova Christmas Wreath

Give your usual pavlova a perfect seasonal update by making a beautiful Christmas Wreath from it. I love to do my seasonal pavlova with the taste of chocolate, poached pears and caramelized walnuts. To make the wreath you will need to prepare a traditional white pavlova, as the chocolate one does not stand up as … Continue reading Pavlova Christmas Wreath

Kokoskuppel – Austrian coconut dômes

A great Austrian delicacy, halfway between refined mignardise and Christmas biscuit. Everyone knows and loves the coconut domes - from toddlers to grandparents. After all, this delicacy has a century-old tradition dating back to 1921 when it was invented by an Austrian pastry chef close to Vienna. It is mouth watering thinking of the dome … Continue reading Kokoskuppel – Austrian coconut dômes

Chocolate Pavlova with poached pears and walnut brittle

Who doesn't love a good Pavlova, with its special meringue with the crunchy outside and the soft center, topped by a light mound of whipping cream and with lots of fruit as its crowning glory. This Pavlova is my ultimate take on the autumn variety, as the berries that I use in my summer Pavlova … Continue reading Chocolate Pavlova with poached pears and walnut brittle

Sorbet Thermomix

I just made this sorbet for my boys and it was a huge success!! So I juste wrote it down for you as I am still hoping that we will have a hot summer 😂. Recipe Follow me on Instagram @auxdelicesdecaroline (click) and Facebook (click) If you want you can simply adjust the quantity or completely leave out the … Continue reading Sorbet Thermomix

Eton Mess

The British summer is coming closer and with it the hot weather, the roses, the lush gardens, the Wimbledon tennis tournament and with that the Great British classic, the mix of red juicy strawberries and thick onctuous cream. There are many variations to serve this but one of the big classics has to be the … Continue reading Eton Mess