Austrian Linzer Auger or Linzer eyes

The Linzer Augen, or the ‘eyes of Linz’, are an essential part of the traditional Austrian Christmas pastry! Cookies that melt on your tongue and contain this little fruity touch that make their popularity! The Austrian pastry is very dainty and elegant . Therefore the secret of these cookies is to make them small and … Continue reading Austrian Linzer Auger or Linzer eyes

Chocolat-yoghurt-raspberry Torte

One of the quintessential Austrian cakes made by the village women is this kind of cake, with a soft sponge base, a cool yoghurt cream filling and a fruit mirror on top. It is incredibly fresh and light to eat and melts on your tongue. The best part is you can even have this freshness … Continue reading Chocolat-yoghurt-raspberry Torte

Butter Cookies

Just a very simple recipe today but it is a favourite with my boys! The buttercookies are very simple to make and are perfect to entertain little ones, before and after! Recipe butter cookies 100 g sugar200 g butter300 g flour1 eggorange zest (optional)1 egg for brushing on the cookies before placing them into the oven Mix all the … Continue reading Butter Cookies

Marinated eggs (& natural colours)

Easter is fast approaching and some will want to think about preparing for it. Having always imported my dyes from Austria or Germany to color my hard boiled eggs for Easter, this year it is not possible because of the global pandemic. For more natural dyes see picture below. As I will not spend my … Continue reading Marinated eggs (& natural colours)

The perfect hard boiled egg such an easy trick

Cooking a perfect hard egg can be more difficult than you think. If you cook it too short it is soft and if you cook it too long it often has an unsightly green border around the egg yolk. Hard eggs are so incredibly versatile! In salads, on bread, as devilled eggs (my fabulous toadstool) … Continue reading The perfect hard boiled egg such an easy trick

Lucky charm toadstool (traditional & Thermomix)

The lucky charm toadstool ? Ahh yes, in German-speaking countries the toadstool is one of the many lucky charms that we use to decorate our tables on December 31. Obviously we are not talking about the real toadstools that are super dangerous, but representations of them, whether in marzipan, on paper, in praline version or … Continue reading Lucky charm toadstool (traditional & Thermomix)

Carrot Cake

It's this time of the year again, when I am thinking a lot about carrot cake. The soft texture, with its rich colour and the warmth of the spices, especially cinnamon coming through, is for me the perfect indulgence when it is raining and windy outside. The additional bonus is, that, just like my Chocolate … Continue reading Carrot Cake

Spinach Pancake Torte

A recipe that my grandmother always used to make for me and that I still love to prepare for my family is the Spinach Pancake Torte. Extremely easy to prepare and a stunning centerpiece for your table! More pancake recipes here. 300 g of mature cheese - I used Gruyère but a mature cheddar is … Continue reading Spinach Pancake Torte

Wild garlic infused potato mash

I simply love this wild garlic infused potato mash in spring! Walking through the forrest with this gorgeous smell in the nostrils is bliss! Very simple, cost efficient and refined! Recipe Wild Garlic infused potato mash For 4 400 g potatoesSalt150 ml milk1 tbsp butter100 g wild garlic Peel the potatoes and cut into pieces. … Continue reading Wild garlic infused potato mash