St Martin of Tours celebration on November, 11th

To those who do not know the story I will explain why on November 11th in Germany we eat a Weckmann from brioche and a goose (real or sugar as we prefer). It's a German tradition that started in… France! On November 11th in Germany, children celebrate Saint Martin, a bishop of Tours in France, … Continue reading St Martin of Tours celebration on November, 11th

Caro’s Bruschetta

One of my extended familys favourite starters are my Bruschetta! There are many ways to make these delicious Italian antipasti, but after having tried many ways of preparing Bruschette, I find that this one is my personal favourite. It's very easily done, can be prepared partly in advance, but has to be assembled at the last … Continue reading Caro’s Bruschetta

Tomato-Brioche Sandwiches (traditional & Thermomix)

My brother-in-laws godmother gave me the recipe for these delicious little sandwiches. Apparently a French pastry shop used to do them and as they have closed down many years ago, people have come up with versions of the original recipe. This is one that I love! It uses a delicious french mustard that Coleman developed … Continue reading Tomato-Brioche Sandwiches (traditional & Thermomix)

Vegetarian Cesar Salad (traditional & Thermomix)

Last year I discorvered one of the best recipes of Cesar Salad I have ever tasted on the French Cooking Site Marmiton. I have made it quite regulary since, especially for picnics or summer lunches! Recipe Feel free to follow me on Instagram @auxdelicesdecaroline (click) or Facebook (click) Ingredients for 4 2 romaine lettuce hearts25 g of chopped parmesan4 … Continue reading Vegetarian Cesar Salad (traditional & Thermomix)

Savoury Gentleman’s Torte

Written in English - en dessous écrit en Français - darunter geschrieben in Deutsch Today I will not give you a recipe but a "How to do" guide. I have been asked how to make the Austrian 'Savoury Gentleman's Torte' , that exists in other countries under other names. In the photo you can see … Continue reading Savoury Gentleman’s Torte

Gazpacho – Gaspacho

True bliss in hot summer weather !!! A traditional spanish cold vegetable soup, no cooking involved and done in a couple of minutes! Follow me on Instagram @auxdelicesdecaroline (click) and Facebook (click) 3 slices of white bread, cut into big chunks1 kg ripe tomatoes, washed and diced 1 cucumber, peeled and diced1 green pepper, washed … Continue reading Gazpacho – Gaspacho

Brioche (traditional & Thermomix)

On the weekends I love having fresh Brioche in the house. For years I didn't dare making one and excused that by saying that in any case the Brioche in our supermarket is just as good as homemade. Boy did I get that wrong ! All you really need is patience. The reward is twofold. … Continue reading Brioche (traditional & Thermomix)

French Onion Soup

My parents used to make this quite a lot when I grew up in Austria and what a treat it was each time. So simple, yet so delicious. It is one of the ultimate comfort foods and ideal to prepare in advance and serve later. I made this for a dinner party the other day … Continue reading French Onion Soup

Italian Triple Deckers – Tramezzini

I had the tremendous pleasure this morning to host one of my dearest friends who came to visit me and present me to her adopted daughter. It was such a sweet and touching moment. In order to do this great occasion justice I made a little snack just for us. We simply had Lemon Cupcakes … Continue reading Italian Triple Deckers – Tramezzini