Homemade Panini-Bread (traditional method & Thermomix)

Paninis!!! Now honnestly who doesn't love a good Panini? Again a speciality from Italy that has conquererd the world! A delicious bread, most commonly a Panini Bread, but perfect also with Ciabatta for example. Some people even use toast bread but it doesn't have the same taste. The Panini is filled with wonderful ingredients like … Continue reading Homemade Panini-Bread (traditional method & Thermomix)

German quark stollen

As in many countries around the world, the Germans are used to celebrate Christmas as a family around a hearty meal. It is not the Christmas pudding that closes the feast, but the stollen. This elongated cake would represent the baby Jesus wrapped in his swaddling clothes! It is found on all German Christmas markets, … Continue reading German quark stollen

Light Chicken Sandwich Filler

From time to time we have leftovers from our Sunday roast chicken. That is no drama at all, rather the opposite! Perfect for the lunch box! One way to use them is my meat lover's salad, but another option is to make a lighter chicken salad to fill the sandwiches for our children's lunch boxes. … Continue reading Light Chicken Sandwich Filler

Bohemien bread dumplings

What can we prepare with the leftover white bread from the previous day🤔 well there are several things like Bruschetta, vegetarian Cesar salad and french onion soup, but here I offer you something that in my opinion is almost unknown to most of you. A lovely stew with a fresh salad! A traditional dish from … Continue reading Bohemien bread dumplings

Panini Caprese

A really, really simple and quick recipe to share with you you. This is my way of doing Panini Caprese. For 4 people (unless you have teenagers in the house) 4 panini breads, a really easy and delicious recipe for making them at homegreen pestoMozzarella cheese fresh tomatoes sundried tomatoes in oilfresh basil leavesSalt (I … Continue reading Panini Caprese

Mums english sandwiches

When I was little my mother always made these absolutely divine sandwiches for us! They are exquisitely light and very very fresh thanks to the delicious ingredients. With us they are so popular that even my 4 year old who normally sulks when he sees raw vegetables eats everything on it. It is a pleasure … Continue reading Mums english sandwiches

St Martin of Tours celebration on November, 11th

To those who do not know the story I will explain why on November 11th in Germany we eat a Weckmann from brioche and a goose (real or sugar as we prefer). It's a German tradition that started in… France! On November 11th in Germany, children celebrate Saint Martin, a bishop of Tours in France, … Continue reading St Martin of Tours celebration on November, 11th