German potato pancakes

I posted the recipe for my 'Rösti' yesterday but another recipe based on potatoes which is a great German specialty are the 'Kartoffelpuffer' or 'Reiberdatschi'. They are made from raw grated potatoes. Not only very popular to make at home, the Germans serve it even as streetfood during fairgrounds, carneval and Christmas markets. My father … Continue reading German potato pancakes

Potato Roesti

The best Rösti recipe I know. A big favorite! I remember copying it from a cookbook I found in Marseille when I lived there just after my marriage. After one or two small modifications, it has become one of the essentials in my kitchen. Ingredients 1 kg of boiled potatoes1 large onion136 g Herta sausages … Continue reading Potato Roesti

Fish with broccoli risotto (Traditional & Thermomix)

To make my youngest who loves rice, broccoli and fish at the moment, happy, I prepared this meal recently. It was a huge success with the whole family. 4 salmon fillets (or another fish)3 spring onions25g grated Parmesan cheeseolive oil250g Risotto200 ml white wine800 ml vegetable stock350g broccoliSalt, pepper Traditional Version Heat 2 tbsp of … Continue reading Fish with broccoli risotto (Traditional & Thermomix)

Apple Meringue Pie with its strawberry rhubarbe variation

Always looking for ways to use egg whites, and big fan of all meringue pies, I love combining an apple pie (like the recently posted vegan and gluten-free apple crumble pie) with an Italian meringue topping. Apple Meringue Pie (rectangular mould 36 cm) If you choose another mould you might find the conversion table cake … Continue reading Apple Meringue Pie with its strawberry rhubarbe variation

Austrian souffle

All of you, who read me regularly, know that my heart not only belongs to my family, but that it belongs to Austria just as much and that I love Salzburg and the mountains around it! This dessert is therefore for me the perfect emblem of Austrian cuisine, simple, refined and truly gourmet. A true … Continue reading Austrian souffle

Vegan and gluten free apple and cinnamon crumble Tart

Among my friends I have several who are allergic to gluten and lactose. So I try to always have some delicious recipes despite these constraints that I can prepare for them in the event of a visit. In this recipe the fact that it's vegan is an added bonus! Recipe Vegan and gluten free apple … Continue reading Vegan and gluten free apple and cinnamon crumble Tart

Warm seasonal vegetable salad

One of my favorite salads! For a balanced lunch, I find this salad ideal, especially since it is also really good. Perfect to pamper yourself or to enjoy with friends! 2 - 3 people 1 carrot1 red onion1 small sweet potato1 clove of garlic3 tablespoons of olive oilSalt pepper1/2 tsp each of dried rosemary and … Continue reading Warm seasonal vegetable salad

Sauerkraut casserole (Traditional & Thermomix)

I think it is time for me to share with you one of the signature dishes of my father. He is one hell of a chef and the actual reason my sister's and I started to cook. I remember when we were quite little, him preparing his dinner after my mother and us had already … Continue reading Sauerkraut casserole (Traditional & Thermomix)

Elegant salmon dish

During the Christmas holidays I had the great pleasure dining at my sisters mother-in-law. Not curious as I am 😇 I went to her kitchen to see what she would prepare for us. I was not disappointed. For about 15 guests she chose a very simple dish that impresses with the quality of the products … Continue reading Elegant salmon dish