Clementine Trifle

One of the most emblematic british desserts is the Trifle! It is served for festive occasions as it is a stunning creation. Who can resist layers of sponge, custard, fruit, jelly and booze?! If you make it for children, I suggest using orange juice in stead of Cointreau. Here’s my version of a perfect Trifle … Continue reading Clementine Trifle

Quick coffee dessert cream (Traditional & Thermomix) *

My quick vanilla, chocolate and caramel cream desserts are well known to my readers. But today I'm sharing my quick coffee cream with you. Also a big favorite with us, either as a daily treat, but also as an elegant dessert for a dinner with friends! Ingredients for 4 generous portions 250 g of liquid … Continue reading Quick coffee dessert cream (Traditional & Thermomix) *

Express Houmous / Hummus Trio (Traditional & Thermomix)

In our immediate environment it is a well known fact that I really love what the French call apéro and often replace a starter with a great set of appetizers. There is a whole category for appetisers, quick appetisers and food out of shotglasses on the blog. Served here with the delicious homemade breadsticks 😍. … Continue reading Express Houmous / Hummus Trio (Traditional & Thermomix)

Baba Ghanoush – Aubergine Caviar

A delicious alternative to Houmous, the Baba Ghanoush, or eggplant caviar as it is often called, requires grilled roasted aubergine rather than chickpeas. The Baba Ghanoush is delicious for example in my Italian Quiche. This Eastern Mediterranean dip is delicious with pita and raw vegetables. As its main ingredient are eggplants, it contains vitamins B … Continue reading Baba Ghanoush – Aubergine Caviar

Quick vanilla dessert cream – (Traditional & Thermomix)

I posted a recipe for a super decadent vanilla dessert cream 2 weeks ago. This cream is incredibly delicious and will always be one of my favorites. I found my fun little pots here. The difference with the recipe that I post today is that we put only one egg and that the cooking is … Continue reading Quick vanilla dessert cream – (Traditional & Thermomix)

Vanilla Dessert Cream

My men are very big fans of dessert creams and mousses of all kinds. Since I'm a little tired of buying plastic pots and I prefer to know what exactly it is they eat and because it's still a small budget each week, I started to do them myself. After trying a huge amount of … Continue reading Vanilla Dessert Cream

Scallop tartar Croustades

And one more appetizer that I am going to prepare for Christmas and that I have already tested on several occasions, the last one having been with a couple of girlfriends, the scallop tartar croustades. Extremely simple to prepare and delicious to eat! For around 14 pieces 7 raw scallops without coral1 avocado 1 lemonolive … Continue reading Scallop tartar Croustades