Boozy Rum Crescents (sweet party bites)

I’m sharing a recipe with you that I got from a very talented hobby baker in my home village in Austria. It was this woman who inspired me to bake thanks to her great cakes and cookies and it is thanks to this inspiration that my first cookbook took shape.

The boozy rum crescents are perfect for this time of year! I always serve them at Christmas and especially for New Year’s parties. They can be frozen perfectly.

Recipe for boozy rum crescents

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  • For the cake
  • 200 g butter (room temperature)
  • 200 g powdered sugar
  • 6 eggs
  • 140 g grated nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.)
  • 140 g melted chocolate
  • 160 g flour
  • For the glaze
  • 500 g powdered sugar
  • 4 tbsp hot water
  • 4 tbsp rum
  • 1-2 drops of red food coloring
  • For decoration
  • 80 g chocolate
  • 80 g butter

Mix butter with powdered sugar and gradually mix in the yolks. Then fold in the grated nuts, melted chocolate and flour. Beat egg white into snow and fold in as well. Smooth out the dough on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and bake at 170 C for about 20 minutes (please always test as one oven is different from the other). Let the cake cool down.

For the punch glaze, sieve powdered sugar well, add hot water and rum and stir until smooth. Then add the food coloring and spread the resulting pink glaze over the cake.

Melt the chocolate with the butter in a water bath, fill a piping nozzle with a small hole and pull strings along the entire length of the not quite firm icing.

When everything has set, cut out half moons with a round cookie cutter. Of course, you can also cut small rectangles or squares more easily.

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