Delicious Christmas baking (with baking plan)

starts for me on the 1st of november with the delicious silesian gingerbread cookies.

In German speaking countries such as Austria and Germany the Christmas baking is one of the most popular Christmas traditions for young and old.

Until the mid-19th century, however, the ingredients for preparing cookies were so expensive that the enjoyment of treats was reserved only to the upper class. Fortunately, that has changed: Whether stollen, gingerbread, speculoos, Macaroons, cinnamon stars, vanilla crescents, hussar cookies, springerle-each region has its specialties, and every family has their favorite recipes, which are baked, decorated, nicely presented on colourful plages, hung on the Christmas tree, or baked to be given away as precious presents.

In some families, the cookies are nibbled at during the whole of Advent, in others, the cookies may only be enjoyed from Christmas Eve, day on which, in German speaking countries, the presents are opened.

Here is my Christmas baking plan, which helps me plan when I can prepare what for the Christmas celebration.

Here are my recipes for Christmas baking , there are already quite a few and I will post more this year.

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