Party Food with Foie Gras

For my husbands birthday I prepared a couple of appetizers, one of which was these little gingerbread bites topped with foie gras. They are ideal for cocktail or dinner parties!

I normally never have foie gras in the house but when my mother in law brought me a little block of this French delicacy I decided to do them again. They were very well received!

Recipe Pain d’épice au Foie Gras

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For ~ 16 pieces

6 slices of gingerbread
120 g foie gras
4 tablespoons of fig jam
100 ml of crème fraîche
3 gelatine leaves
50 ml Porto + another spoonful
Crushed Chilli Flakes
Salt, pepper

Heat the Porto with 1 teaspoon of water. Away from the heat add the softened gelatine leaves. Put into the fridge.
Cut the foie gras into pieces. Melt half of it in a pan over low heat with the rest of the Porto. Add the cream and the rest of the foie gras. Mix and season.
Put the foie gras into a piping bag. Place into the fridge until you need it.
Cut 3 cm discs out of gingerbread slices with a cookie cutter.
Spread the fig jam onto the discs and pipe foie gras on top.
Decorate with miniature cubes of the Porto jelly and Chilli flakes and serve.

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