Cold Meatball Pitta

When I make meatballs, especially my chicken meatballs, I always make more in order to freeze them. They are a bliss to have for a picnic, especially in a Pitta for my children’s Lunchbox (more ides here).

As usual no sweets at my house in the Lunchbox. I take them some after school as a little end-of-day celebration. On the other hand I always put a Smoothie and some fruits or vegetables in it.

Place the chicken meatballs, cut in half or whole, lettuce and tomato in the open pitta and add a bit of the simple red sauce.

This might be too big for small mouths! Do not hesitate to take only one meatball and cut it in half.

Tip: The filling can be varied with red onion slices, ketchup or butter instead of my red sauce etc

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