Porridge & Co (Traditional + Thermomix)

Now that school is starting again, we are having the healthy breakfast option again, the one that is filling enough to last until lunch. And doing this, in my house at least, we’re talking about porridge!

I have been a fan since I was a teenager. It was my daily breakfast for years. In the past we had young girls, au pairs and others who were more than skeptical concering this breakfast and who left here with oatmeal in their suitcases after their stay 😊.

My basic Porridge recipe for 1

  • 200 ml milk (traditional or other like rice / soy milk etc.)
  • 40 g of oatmeal

Garnish of your choice

  • Cinnamon / tahini / chocolate powder / vanilla etc.
  • Honey / brown sugar / white sugar / Maple Syrup etc
  • Fruits of your choice (strawberries / raspberries / grapes / grated apples / clementines / kiwi / banana / pears / apricots / plums / blueberries / pomegranates / blackberries etc.)
  • Dried fruits and nuts (almonds / cranberries / hazelnuts / walnuts / coconuts / cashews / pistachios, etc.)
  • BUT there is also the salty version in which you can add a stock cube and also replace the milk with water (ideal if you are a little sick)


I mix all my oatmeal in advance, so I don’t have to get my Moulinex out every time.

Firstly, I always mix my oatmeal in my mixer. This gives the porridge a delicate and pleasant texture and reduces the cooking time.

The oatmeal comes into the pot with the milk and is brought to the boil.

Then pour the porridge into a deep plate and add the ingredients of your choice (see list above).


Put the oatmeal in the bowl of the Thermomix and mix them for 10 seconds /speed 10. Use the spatula to scrape the oatmeal off the sides of the bowl. Add milk and cook at 4 minutes / 90 °C / speed 4. Pour the oatmeal into a bowl and top it to your liking (see list above).

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