Horseradish sauce

During the Christmas holidays, I was a guest of one of my sisters. My sister’s mother-in-law made an excellent meal of salmon, julienne vegetables (cut into thin strips), and excellent potatoes, and her youngest son helped her with it. He was responsible for making a sauce. When the food was served I was thrilled. The sauce he created was so good that everyone helped themselves several times. Since he didn’t follow a recipe for this sauce, he could only tell me roughly what was in it. When I got home I started experimenting and here is the result. I immediately tried the menu and sauce on my French friends here for our annual Christmas dinner and it was very well received.

Recipe Horseradish Sauce

250 g neutral oil
1 egg
50 g honey mustard
1/2 tsp salt
260 g yogurt (not too firm)
55 – 70 g hot horseradish sauces
A dash of milk if the sauce is too thick
Salt / pepper to taste

Make mayonnaise by briefly mixing the egg, honey mustard, salt and pepper and then continuing to mix while letting the oil flow in a thin stream onto the mixer. Mix 150 g of the mayonnaise with 260 g of yoghurt until a more liquid consistency is obtained. (The rest of the mayonnaise lasts 2 days in the fridge). Mix with the hot horseradish sauce and season to taste until the sauce is perfect for your taste. If it is too thick you can easily liquefy it with a dash of milk.

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