Stressfree starter and dessert – RACLETTE /FONDUE

You know the dilemma (not huge I admit), when you lay a table ready to receive your guests for a good raclette or fondue and you realize that you can not really decorate the table because the fondue pot or the raclette machine takes all the space in the middle.

This is not really a problem for the starter, although personally I prefer not to sit in front of a machine while I have my starter, but for dessert? If you do like me, you remove the hot appliances after the main course and so in the middle of the table there is a big hole because you didn’t place candles or flowers, basically no deco at all.

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Why not have the appetiser / starter in the living room before sitting in front of hot appliances?

Here are the recipes for the trio of shooters.

Why not return to the living room after the main course to take the dessert?

Here is my favorite solution that my guests normally hugely enjoy!

Gorgeous shooters of Strawberry Mousse, Chocolate mousse and Trifle with Clementines. Small bites for all tastes and in perfect quantity to finish in style a delicious meal that might be a bit on the heavy side.

The additional advantage is that both the appetiser / starter and dessert can be prepared the day before so on the day of your dinner you just have to take them out of the fridge at the right moment and show relaxing is that!

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Appetizer / starter in one and dessert ready to be served in the living room, all ready on the day before the dinner party.