Autumn Dinner Party (poultry)

At no other time I find dinners with friends as cozy as in autumn when the wind blows with all its might and the rain falls outside.

It’s a pleasure to open the door to friends to let them into a house warmly lit by candles, and welcome them in front of the fire in the fireplace.

A pleasure to hear them exclaim discovering small appetizers and original cocktails concocted by my husband!

They know we are happy to welcome them to our home and have a good time with them!

Last weekend we had the pleasure of welcoming not only very close friends but also dear cousins!

So we did an autumn dinner with them which, I think, everyone enjoyed! In any case we had a lot of fun, with lots of bantering, whichis the sign of people who know each other very well indeed!

A table set in the shades of autumn, yellow, orange and green with pumpkins of different sizes as main decoration.
The personal touch made with love if not with the most beautiful writing in the world 🙈😅
My favorite autumn porcelaine, the Golden Birds from Villeroy & Boch, which unfortunately has not been produced for fifteen years, and the WMF cutlery set in the German style with the points up as is done in my country 😉
It pleased our friends and cousins to have had these edible investment cards. They took him home with pleasure for their respective children!
The starter for our dinner were salad plates with their warm mushroom pies.
The main course consisted of my favorite rice, the Pilaf Rice, a variation of chicken supreme with tarragon sauce, and roasted legumes without their dressing, nuts and feta.

I recommend for the presentation of the dish the version below that is more elegant than what I had done in my chafing dish. In hindsight everything is so much clearer 😅.
The variation on chicken supremes with their tarragon sauce. A stuffed chicken roulade with romaine spinach and sun-dried tomatoes, poached in boiling water! I have rarely eaten a chicken as tender and juicy as this one! I think I will never do it again differently!
Here are the heirloom carrots and parsnips just before baking them!
The crowning glory of the dinner was a Clementine Trifle, an ultra-gourmet English dessert.
My – in relation to food – very French husband has decreed this one of the best desserts I have made in a long time (he probably enjoyed the generous amount of Cointreau in this decadent mix of lemon cake, custard cream, whipped cream, clementines and Italian meringue among others 😁)

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  1. Bonjour Caroline,
    Je me permets cette familiarité, je vous suis sur Facebook et ce qui me sidère c’est que vous présentez des posts’ et photos magnifiques en nous disant c’est tout simple ! En plus vous prenez le temps d’écrire en Français anglais et allemand !
    Je vous remercie pour vos partages, on sent chez vous beaucoup de générosité envers les autres, merci et je vous souhaite un bon week end

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