Autumn Harvest Dinner Party

In Austria and Germany, in late September, we celebrate the “Erntedank”, a feast of thanksgiving for the crops.

For me, as for everyone who grew up in the countryside, this is a moment of tradition where we celebrate the closeness to nature, where we thank for the harvests of the year.

It’s reminiscent of American Thanksgiving, with the difference that in our countries it’s a Christian holiday.

Seeing that I had a dinner party that day, I set my table in this spirit, with garden foliage, wheat, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, mushrooms, potatoes, grapes, etc as decoration.

We were a very international group, with 9 nationalities in a gathering of 12 people. So I did not hesitate a second to serve a totally Austrian dinner. For us German speakers these are well known dishes, but for others it is normally a fun discovery.

I really like candles, so a dinner lit by this soft light is perfect!

A good bottle of red wine accompanies this meal beautifully.

One tablespoon for the starter, knife and fork for the main course, and fork and spoon for dessert.

As a starter I served a Bouillon with semolina dumplings “Griessnockerl Suppe”.

It is a very comforting dish and a typical soup for Austria. Perfect for the cooler months.

An Austro-Hungarian Goulash full of flavors, with German-Alsatian Spätzle as the main course with an excellent green salad for a fresh touch.

The advantage of this dish is that it is prepared in advance.

And for dessert a delicious “Mohr im Hemd”, a chocolate cake a little moist like a pudding, served warm, drizzled with chocolate and served with whipped cream! One of the greatest Austrian specialties in my opinion.

This cake with the politically incorrect name (Moor in a shirt), is cooked in a waterbath. This way of baking the cake makes it very tender, and it is extremely decadent.

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