Late summer dinner party (fish)

Late summer dinner party for 10 people.

The menu I did was quite simple and easily to be prepared in advance. So no stress once the guests were there and for me more time chatting with dear friends.

Attack plan :
1) I prepared the soup following the recipe l the day before, stopping just before adding the cream. The soup stays in the fridge.

Lovely smooth Cream of Peppers Soup

2) The table is laid the day before or the morning of the day x.

As floral decoration of the table I love using pots of fresh herbs that I use in recipes. I really like associating the useful and the beautiful.

3) I made the plum sheet cake in the morning and then let it cool. It is eaten at room temperature.

4) In the afternoon I prepared the cucumber sauce by stopping just before adding the cream .

5) For 10 people I prepared the fish in the oven because otherwise I would have spent too much time away from the guests. So before they arrived I put the fish on a baking sheet with some of the cucumber sauce. I added lemon slices, small pieces of butter and dill on top of the fish. Then I put this baking sheet in the fridge until the arrival of the guests.

A very unusual way to serve deliciously light cucumbers!

6) As I served steamed potatoes with the main course, I put them to cook at about that time.

7) Just before the guests arrived I warmed the soup and added the fresh cream. Then I left the soup in the pan to keep it warm.

8) When the first guests arrived I took the fish out of the fridge to bring it up to room temperature.

9) J’ai mis le four à prechauffer à 190 C.

10) A few minutes before dinner I served the soup ready for the guests to sit down.

11) Once the soup in the plates I put the fish in the oven to cook for about 15 minutes. It is very useful to put a timer en route at this time as because of the chatting we easily forget the time! (Happened to me!!!) At the same time I put the cucumbers gently to reheat.

12) For dessert it was just necessary to cut the cake into pieces and serve with whipped cream.

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Tangy plums just dusted with cinnamon on a Brioche like base, nothing else. Incredibly tasty and so simple to make !

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