Hazelnut Shortcrust Cookies

My boys love cookies, not just eating them, but also making the dough and cutting the shapes.

For my eldest sons’ start in boarding school I have prepared a batch of these delicious treats to accompany a book that has a special meaning for me. My own father offered me the same book when I entered boarding school. I still remember this so many years later!

Reading a good book and having a home-made treat will help any eventual homesickness!
And mum feels better too making these especially for her son !

Recipe for the Hazelnut Shortcrust Cookies

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  • 100 g soft butter
  • 110 g plain flour
  • 40 g caster sugar
  • 50 g ground hazelnuts
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Pinch of salt

Beat butter with sugar until light and frothy. The remaining ingredients are
added and worked into a smooth dough. Wrap the dough amd let it rest for one hour in the fridge.

Preheat the oven to 170°C.

Roll out the dough, about 3-4 mm thick, on a lightly floured work surface
and cut into any shapes.

Place the butter biscuits on a prepared baking tray and bake in the preheated oven for 10-13 min.

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And just for fun I made those ones with a London motif on them. It was fiddly but they look absolutely lovely!

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