Savoury Gentleman’s Torte

Written in English – en dessous écrit en Français – darunter geschrieben in Deutsch

Today I will not give you a recipe but a “How to do” guide. I have been asked how to make the Austrian ‘Savoury Gentleman’s Torte’ , that exists in other countries under other names.

In the photo you can see the steps taken.

You take any bread you like, doesn’t matter if it is round, square or rectangular, brown, white, Brioche etc. Take off the crust.

Fill the different layers, both sides.

  • Butter /Mayonnaise / Mustard / Chutney etc
  • Ham / Cheese / Salami etc
  • Saladleaves /Tomatoslices (between saladleaves or ham) / Cucumbers / Gherkins / Eggs etc

Stack the layers and let it set for about 2 hours in the fridge.

Mix Philadelphia with a little bit of cream until its easily spreadable.

Spread the cream cheese over the sandwich stack, smoothing out the cream cheese as nicely and neatly as possible. Decorate with whatever you like. I tend to decorate with the things that I have used to fill the sandwichstack.

Let set for a little while in the fridge before serving so that it is nice and cool.

You can prepare the stack in advance but the Philadelphia Mix has to be put on on the same day as it will go dry and crack.

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  1. Caroline
    Tu es époustouflante par ta créativité !!!
    C’est toujours beau et gourmand.
    Merci pour tes partages.

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