Raspberry Chocolatemousse Cakes

I love serving these little cakes at dinner parties or for a posh afternoon tea! Very easy to make and such an elegant look! The association of velvety chocolate and tart raspberries is just heavenly.

Tip for Easter place a couple of chocolate or sugar eggs on top instead of the raspberries to make an Easteregg Nest 😍


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For about 8 pieces

  • For the base
  • 1 egg
  • 125 g sugar
  • 100 g flour
  • 40 g chocolate powder
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 125 ml milk
  • For the mousse
  • 2 eggyolks
  • 150 g chocolate
  • 25 g icing sugar
  • 300 g whipping cream
  • 75  g pistachios
  • 125 g marzipan
  • Raspberries

Beat the egg and sugar until creamy. Mix flour, chocolate and baking powder and add it, together with the milk to the egg mix. Pour onto a baking tray that is big enough to cut out 8 circles of 7 cm diameter. Bake at 150°C in a preheated oven for about 15 minutes. Let it cool.

Melt the chocolate. Meanwhile, beat the egg yolks with the icing sugar, then add the chocolate. Whip the double cream into a whipped cream. Mix the two preparations gently.

Cut out 8 circles of 7 cm diameter and place them in the circles. Place 3-4 raspberries on top, then add the chocolate mousse and cover the raspberries with the rest of the mixture. Leave to cool for 2 hours.

Finely chop the pistachio powder and mix with the marzipan (if you want to add a little food colouring).

Remove the circles from the 8 tarts and, using a garlic press, press the marzipan onto the top. You can also do this with a moulinex style food processor to get a sort of green crumble. Decorate with more raspberries.

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